Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.

The Selwyn Sports Trust host the Selwyn Sports Spectacular Term 1 & 4

The whole objective of this day is to provide local clubs and sports with the opportunity to get in front of potential members and really promote their sport/club. This event is targeted purely at year 3-4 students, this is due to the fact that year 3-4 students do not often get a chance to attend a sporting event outside of school. In the past, we have had huge success with the Sports Spectacular and we would like to continue to make this event a success. By helping to encourage young people to have a go at a wide range of sports it will help them develop a wide range of skills, which will increase their confidence to participate in physical activity.

How the day works:

Children in school groups ‘travel’ along a sports pathway, playing and having fun at each sport on offer which has a different movement skill focus. Parents, Teachers and Whanau are invited to join in, participate in the activities, and learn more about the skills and outcomes that the sports are developing. Each station is managed by the sports and children spend 15min at that station learning about that sport before moving onto the next rotation (sport).