Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.


With a large majority of Winter Sport at junior level concluding mid-August we wanted to introduce 6-9-year-olds to what sports Selwyn has to offer during summer for this age group.
Why this age group?
For a lot of children at this age, it is their first experience being involved in organised sport. Children are often exposed to sports that their parents played or are involved in. Try it out Tuesday is about exposing children to what summer sports options are available in Selwyn.

The concept: 
For: 6-9yr olds
When: Tuesdays
Where: Rolleston, Brookside Park and Lincoln, Ararira Springs Primary
Time: 3.45-4.45pm

Each week those involved will have the opportunity to ‘try’ two different sports.

Those registered will be split into two groups and will spend 30mins at a sport before changing to the other sport giving them an opportunity to try two different sports that week.

Sports on offer:
Venue: Lincoln, Ararira Springs Primary
20 Aug- Touch and Cricket
27 Aug- Softball and Football
3 Sept- Tennis and Athletics
PP Date: 10 September

Venue: Rolleston, Brookside Park
20 Aug- Softball and Athletics
27 Aug- TBC and Touch
3 Sep- Football and Cricket
PP Date: 10 September

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