Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.


An opportunity for young children, from Schools across Selwyn to learn about and participate in a Fundamental Movement event. The Selwyn Sports Trust run these events twice a year (Term 1 & 4) for Yr0-2 primary aged students.

Key Messages of the Event:

Sporting success can mean high achievement but just as importantly, means ongoing participation in an active sporty lifestyle!

The basis of sporting success is building the fundamental skills in childhood, through a developmentally appropriate approach

These fundamental skills include:

  • Physical movement skills,
  • Knowledge & cognitive skills,
  • Emotional & social skills

Involvement of Schools, Teachers, Parents and Whanau plays a crucial role in sporting success.


Children in class groups of 30-40 ‘travel’ along a movement pathway, playing and having fun at each activity which has a specific skill focus. Parents, Teachers and Whanau are invited to join in, participate in the activities, and learn more about the skills and outcomes that the activities are developing.


Support Teachers and Parents in the assessment, planning and development of foundation skills such as balancing, running, throwing and catching, within a broad child-centred framework supporting children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Increase teacher’s and parents understanding of the critical importance of fundamental movement skills, and positive movement experiences for children.

Recognises contemporary research concerning the central role that movement plays in learning and cognitive development, and aims to give teachers practical techniques to implement these findings and enhance learning outcomes for students

Support teachers in delivering the objectives of the NZ Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the Key Competencies of the NZ Curriculum.