Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.

Active Autumn 2019

The Selwyn Sports Trust is proud to support the Selwyn Councils Active Autumn Campaign.

Active Autumn is kicking off again in 2019 for the month of May. This is the Selwyn Councils yearly campaign to maintain the enthusiasm for families that are currently using active modes and to encourage those that need some motivation to get moving. The benefits of getting your school community involved are measurable in terms of congestion reduction at the school gate as well as physical and mental wellbeing in your learners.

Things happening during Active Autumn:

Brake Road Safety Week: Active Autumn also coincides with Brake Road Safety week which is a great opportunity to target driver behaviour around your school.

Bike to School Day – Rolleston: Lincoln University Future Leaders along with our awesome Selwyn Sports Trust support Active Autumn and are running a Bike to School morning for Rolleston Schools.  Check out their newsletter for details.

Selwyn Sports Trust Support: Your Activator is happy to help with Active initiatives for schools with learners that arrive by bus so that they can also get involved in the WoW challenge. Get in touch with them to make a plan, it’s a great opportunity for your PAL’s to get involved.

 Here is a resource to help get your school started: Active Autumn