Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.

In 2017 Selwyn Sports Trust identified a critical gap in the winter sports opportunities for primary aged students and the fundamental movement development that comes with it. From this, a winter sports pilot programme was developed connecting 8 sports providers with 3 primary schools offering a total of 900 students an opportunity for sports development each week.

This programme included 4 sessions of skill development followed by 2 weeks of game experience. Each school participating was able to register all students in years 5-8 who wanted to participate. This meant removing the barrier for pre-acquired skills so many students historically needed so they were selected for a team that was entered in a sports competition. With this new Selwyn Sports Trust model, all students were included, all students developed valuable skills and all students had the opportunity to be a part of a team.

In 2018 this programme grew to include over 1600 students, 10 schools and over 13 sports providers. In 2019 we are expecting this programme to double.