Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.

Established to promote and support participation in sport and active recreation within the Selwyn District.

The Trust’s primary objective is to increase participation and volunteering in sport and active recreation by supporting, coordinating and complementing existing providers – clubs, schools and community groups.


Special priorities for the Trust include

  • Creation and coordination of sport and recreational events that provide participation opportunities for Selwyn residents as well as establishing Selwyn as a popular destination for sport and recreation.
  • Encouragement of young people within the region to participate in sport and recreation at community level and support of those aspiring to regional and national level.
  • Enhancing the well-being of Selwyn communities by encouraging and supporting volunteer coaches, officials and administrators.
  • Supporting and advocating for the provision of sport and recreation facilities for Selwyn communities.

Current Vacancies

IBike Instructor JD