Promoting and supporting
sport and recreation within
the Selwyn District.

Whakatipu kaihautū Developing Leaders

What is it?

This programme is perfect for students involved in organising physical activity and recreation activities at school.

As an Whakatipu kaihautū participant they will have the chance to:

  • Design their own programme
  • Set their own goals and record your progress
  • Make a positive impact
  • Learn valuable practical and social skills
  • Work with other student at school with a passion for physical activity

You can complete your Whakatipu kaihautū programme at three levels:

  • Engage- Level 1
  • Elevate- Level 2
  • Inspire- Level 3

You achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in three sections:

  • Service
  • Get creative
  • Personal Development

How it all works:

There are three separate, progressive levels of the programme, which lead to a Engage, Elevate or Inspire of Whakatipu kaihautū. The main differences between them are the length of time required to complete and the degree of challenge. Participants choose an activity they enjoy and want to do for each section. It is important that when the participants are making choices that teachers are consulted to ensure that the activity undertaken is suitable. This can be an entirely new activity or an activity in which they are already involved. Participants can work together on their activities.

Step 1:

Create your own programme by choosing activities to complete in each of the sections of the programme listed below:

* Service

  • Example ideas-
  • Help run a sport/physical activity event in school
  • Coach a sports team
  • Tabloid sports or house activity
  • School sports/physical activity events
  • Lunchtime or afterschool extracurricular activities.

* Get creative

Create an event or physical activity opportunity that currently doesn’t exist in your school

Example ideas:

  • Run a fundraising event for physical activity equipment or opportunities
  • Healthy living week at school
  • Active transport to school campaign

* Personal Growth

Provides the opportunity for a participant to either improve on an existing skill, or to try something new.

Example ideas:

  • First aid course
  • Attend a coaching workshop
  • Officiating at an event

You will have completed your Award when:

  • You have done your activities for each section (based on the criteria for that level)
  • You’ve recorded all your activities and had them signed off in your record Book
  • Your teachers are happy with your progress.
  • Once you’ve finished your Award, make sure you submit your record book the Selwyn Sports Trust.
  • If everything is in order, the Selwyn Sports Trust will send you your certificate and badge for that level.
  • Congratulations – you’ve completed!