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Malvern Road Runners

Tuesday Night Run & Walk

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Terms 1 & 4 – On Tuesday nights at the McHugh’s Plantation on Horndon St in Darfield, keen Malvern folk can be found running 1.5km, 3km or 6km. The run is off-road and meanders through the beautiful forest, sheltered from the sun, wind and rain.

Terms 2 & 3 – On Tuesday nights from the Malvern Netball Centre, keen Malvernites congregate and exercise together on the roads of Darfield. 1.8km, 3km and 6km options all travelling through the Darfield township, maps below.


Registration begins at 5.45pm and the first of the 6km runners leave at 6.00pm.

This race has a handicap start so that you’re running with people of your own ability and all competitors finish around the same time. This caters for all speeds, experience and fitness levels, so don’t be intimidated!

Come along and be a part of our community event!  If you are playing sport socially or competitively, this is a great run to add to your training plan.  People coming now are improving their times and enjoying the company while they run with a little bit of motivation to help out.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Click on the appropriate link below to view your latest results.

2021 Results – McHugh’s Forest (terms 1 & 4)

2021 Results – on the road (terms 2 & 3)

2020 Results – on the road

2020 Results – McHugh’s Forest

2019 Results – on the road

2019 Results – McHugh’s Forest

2018 Results – McHugh’s Forest

2018 Results

2017 Results Table

Results Table

Although we do our best, we do make the odd mistake so please let us know if we have missed you in any results or spelt your name incorrectly.

Road Runner Clothing

The image below shows the design for our new MRR clothing on offer. You can click on the image to link to the Champion System page that shows the different Performance and Apex clothing options. If you would to order any clothing have a chat to us on a Tuesday.